Got Crooked Teeth?

Fastbraces is a new and exciting way to straighten your teeth in Weeks instead of years like traditional braces! Treatment is completed with MINIMAL DISCOMFORT and NON-EXTRACTION OF PERMANENT TEETH! 

Dr. Boscia has attained the level of Master Provider, which means
Fastbraces considers him an expert in delivering orthodontic treatment.   

Fastbraces is Fast!!

Treatment is generally completed in less than 12 months, and can even be completed in as little as 20 WEEKS!!, whereas traditional braces and clear tray orthodontics (like Invisalign and Clear Correct) can take 2-4 years!  The difference is the triangular design of the Fastbraces bracket, which when combined with their patented super-flexible square wire, allows for movement of both the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time.

And now Fastbraces has been made even faster with the introduction of their Fastbraces TURBO bracket system.  This is the top of the line, fastest, most comfortable bracket Fastbraces makes designed to move teeth in 90-120 DAYS!!

This case completed in just 7 ½ months (30 weeks)!!

Click here to see more before and after photos of Dr. Boscia’s Fastbraces patients

Fastbraces is for EVERYONE!!

Fastbraces for Kids:  Misaligned teeth or a dysfunctional bite can be a problem for some children. While this can complicate their oral hygiene, the additional pressures of being a kid can affect their day to day mood, attitude and self-confidence. Fortunately, with the Fastbraces® Technology, children can receive quick orthodontic treatment with minimum discomfort.

Fastbraces for ADULTS:  For many adults, the thought of having straight teeth is quite appealing, but often this desire to have straight teeth is overshadowed by the insecurity of wearing braces.  Some people are afraid to speak up during a business meeting or enjoy the adventure of a first date. As frightening as it may be, Fastbraces® Technology could be the fastest, most affordable and best alternative for you and can give you the advantage of a quick, permanent solution.

Fastbraces is Less Painful!!

Because both the crown and the root are moved at the same time, less force is need to move teeth into their proper position compared to traditional braces.  In fact, new scientific research is showing that the body actually likes and requires incredibly light forces to be placed on teeth in order to remodel bone to allow the teeth to move.  By placing very light forces on the teeth and moving roots and crowns at the same time, Fastbraces in a sense, “tricks” the jaw bone into thinking that the tooth is erupting.  The natural eruption of a permanent tooth generates very little force onto the tooth, yet allows for easy and rapid remodeling of bone, and is NOT a painful process; thus Fastbraces causes minimal discomfort.

Fastbraces is Less Expensive!!

Our discounted, pay in full fee is typically $1,000-$4,000 less expensive than traditional braces or Invisalign/Clear Correct.  We also have several financing options available that can help make treatment affordable for you.

Fastbraces is Guaranteed for Life!!

If, for whatever reason, you need braces again for some of the original crooked teeth, we will give you the braces again at NO CHARGE!  You will simply pay for the future charge of a new set of clear retainers and records.

So what are you waiting for??  Call TODAY for a NO COST CONSULTATION!