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The Dental Implant Process in Lake St. Louis, MO

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You Consultation With Dr. Boscia

Dental implants are natural-looking prosthetic teeth
that Dr. Boscia uses to permanently restore the gaps in your smile.
They’re surgically attached, so they’ll never move around while you’re talking or eating.
With implants, you’ll enjoy the freedom to live life on your terms.
Whether you’re looking to restore one or more missing teeth or even a whole arch,
Dr. Boscia can help guide you through the implant process to ensure you choose the best solution.

How The Implant Process Works

Once you’ve decided which implant treatment is the best choice for you, you’ll come back to our office to begin your implant process where the first part of your restoration will be placed. If your jawbone density is too low to hold the titanium implant fixture, we can provide you with supplemental procedures to strengthen it.

Once the implant fixture is placed in your jawbone, it’ll need time to complete the osseointegration process. This means that the implant will naturally fuse with your bone to stimulate growth.

The Dental Implant Process ST. LOUIS, MO

Completing Your Attractive Restoration

After your implant fixture has been fully integrated into your jaw, you’ll come back to have your porcelain crown attached. We’ll use a connecting piece, called an abutment, to secure the crown to the implant fixture.

The first two weeks after your restoration is placed are crucial because this is how long it takes for your mouth to heal around the dental implants. Throughout the implant process, Dr. Boscia will provide you with care instructions before you leave our office.

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Experience the Benefits of Your New Smile

Your new restoration will provide you with not only a beautiful new smile but also endless benefits. You’ll want to smile more often due to the boost of confidence that dental implants provide and will likely become a happier person. They’ll make it easier to eat whatever you please, and speak freely around others.

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