The Latest Dental Options and Technologies: What You Need to Know for Your Next Appointment

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Staying Up-To-Date with the Latest Dental Technologies

Your smile is one of the best accessories you own, and staying up-to-date with the latest dental options and technologies ensures that your smile is always ready to wear! 

From teeth whitening to braces, the dental industry has come a long way in recent years, and it can be overwhelming to keep track of the advancements. However, with the right knowledge and resources, you can make informed decisions and be sure that your next dental appointment is a success. 

Whether you’re seeking a quick fix or a long-term solution, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the latest dental options and technologies at New Creation Dental Care in Wentzville, O’Fallon, and Lake St. Louis, MO

Teeth in a Day – Tooth Replacement (In a Single Appointment!)

Experience the convenience of Teeth in a Day at New Creation Dental Care. Dr. Matthew Boscia specializes in fast and permanent tooth replacement with customized, natural-looking smiles. 

Say goodbye to dentures and removable bridges as Teeth in a Day offers a fixed bridge anchored by implants for a revitalized smile. With easy care, durability, and restored health, you can achieve final results in just one day. 

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restore the natural beauty of your smile with tooth restoration procedures by Dr. Boscia. Whether you need dental crowns to cover fillings or dental implants, or bridge work to strengthen your smile, Dr. Boscia uses high-quality materials for natural-looking results.

Benefit from improved aesthetics, stronger teeth, a more even smile, reduced risk of jaw problems, and enhanced overall oral health. Address common dental issues such as fractures, damaged teeth, gaps, and missing teeth so that your smile can feel like yours again.

Family Dentistry – Comprehensive Dental Care for Busy Schedules

Dr. Boscia understands the unique challenges faced by individuals with busy lifestyles and a focus on family. He provides comprehensive dental care tailored to meet the needs of individuals with packed schedules and family responsibilities. 

With a commitment to preventive care and patient education, Dr. Boscia offers a range of services including pediatric dentistry, root canals, and full mouth restoration. His compassionate approach to deliver the highest level of care while accommodating your busy life is top priority. Say goodbye to dental concerns and hello to a healthy smile for you and your loved ones!

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Achieve your dream smile through customized cosmetic dentistry solutions. Dr. Boscia specializes in My Forever Smile orthodontics, veneers, and restorative procedures, addressing gaps, tooth discoloration, and other concerns. 

Don’t let dental imperfections hold you back! Boost your self-confidence with a beautiful smile that you can feel good about showing off. 

Root Canals

A root canal may be necessary when the innermost layer of a person’s tooth, known as the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. This can occur due to deep decay, a cracked or fractured tooth, repeated dental procedures, or trauma. 

Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp, cleans the root canal system, and seals it to prevent further infection. This procedure saves the natural tooth, eliminates pain, and restores normal function, avoiding the need for extraction and replacement options. If a root canal is the best option for your care, Dr. Boscia and his team will do everything within their power to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible and get your smile back on track. 

Full Smile Restorations (All-On-4 Treatment)

Discover the transformative power of All-on-4, All-on-5, or All-on-6 treatments offered by Dr. Boscia at New Creation Dental Care. These solutions replace missing teeth using stable implants and a permanent bridge, restoring function and confidence. Return function and confidence to your daily life and enjoy a beautiful, full smile again! 

Accelerated Orthodontics with My Forever Smile

Accelerate your orthodontic journey and achieve a beautiful, straight smile in just 10 to 15 months with our affordable My Forever Smile system at New Creation Dental Care. Experience fewer visits, less discomfort, and lower costs compared to traditional braces. Say goodbye to dental issues like crowding, spacing, overbites, and more with accelerated orthodontics for a confident and radiant smile.

Clear Aligners: SureSmile, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect

Clear aligners offer an alternative to metal braces for achieving straighter teeth. As certified providers of Clear Correct and Invisalign®, we can help determine if clear aligners are the right choice for you. 

Additionally, we provide the advanced technology of SureSmile® clear aligners, offering a more comfortable and hassle-free teeth-straightening experience. Experience the benefits of SureSmile, with faster results and no need for wires or brackets.

Options to pay for dental care

Dental care is typically paid for through a combination of private dental insurance, government assistance programs, or out-of-pocket payments.

If you don’t have dental insurance, New Creation Dental Care offers an affordable alternative with their in-office care plan. Enjoy free cleanings, discounts on procedures, and personalized treatment without the limitations of insurance. Choose the plan that suits your needs and prioritize your dental health affordably.

We also have flexible payment options, including insurance partnerships with CareCredit®, Wells Fargo, Lending Club®, as well as handling cash, credit cards, and checks. Affordable financing ensures you can receive the necessary dental care for a healthy and beautiful smile.


Staying informed about the latest dental options and technologies is crucial for maintaining a bright and healthy smile. From convenient Teeth in a Day procedures to dental crowns and bridges, family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry solutions, root canals, full smile restorations, accelerated orthodontics, and clear aligners, there are advanced treatments available to address various dental concerns. 

Whether you have dental insurance or not, New Creation Dental Care offers affordable payment options to ensure access to quality dental care. Prioritize your oral health and unlock the confidence of a beautiful smile with the help of the team at New Creation Dental Care in Wentzville, O’Fallon, and Lake St. Louis, MO.