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Meet Dr. Matthew Boscia

Dr. Matthew Boscia

FastBraces® Senior Master
Fastbraces® "Senior Master Provider,” which means he is among a select group of doctors around the world considered experts in delivering this orthodontic technology.

Dr. Matthew Boscia

Here at New Creation Dental Care we believe we have the expertise and experience to make your dental visit a smooth, relaxing, and even enjoyable time. Many of our team members have 20+ years of experience in the dental field. Our front desk staff are friendly and work tirelessly to maximize every dollar from your insurance company to minimize your out of pocket expense. Our hygienists have the skills to finish your cleanings quickly, yet with amazing gentleness. Our assistants knowledge, friendliness, skill, and artistic ability is unmatched by any other office.

Dr. Boscia is a Christian (in fact, the name New Creation Dental Care comes from one of his favorite Bible verses 2 Corinthians 5:17, “if anyone is in Christ be is a new creation; the old is gone the new has come.”) and his love for God compels him to operate with the highest level of quality and integrity. He feels he has been blessed with goodness from the Lord and must share that goodness with his patients. Dr. Boscia will not rest until both you and he are satisfied with the outcome. He will not cement a crown or bridge, deliver a denture, or remove braces until function and beauty is properly restored and the outcome meets his extremely high standard of quality. This love for God and wanting to honor, serve, ad give to him and others is the atmosphere we in. It drives everything we do.

What really separates Dr. Boscia and our office from so many others out there is that we care. On the surface this seems cliché, but honestly, how many dental or medical offices have you been where you have felt like a “number” or just a name in a chart a not a real person, with real problems, needing real solutions from someone who will care enough to listen and help? Dr. Boscia gives you the time and attention you deserve to answer your questions, adequately and compassionately explain treatment options, and looks to find ways to save you money or to make treatment affordable. Dr. Boscia has an ability to connect with patients and he has taught all of us to recognize and understand their fears so that when you need dental treatment done by us you can rest assured that we feel compassion for you and are working to ease your stress and make your experience as fun and uplifting as possible.

Dr. Boscia and our entire staff understand the stress and anxiety that many people feel coming to the dentist. We ensure that when you enter our office and sit down in one of our dental chairs you will have a peaceful, relaxing view overlooking beautiful Lake St. Louis. We play encouraging and uplifting music to help bring peace to your mind and soul. And best of all, we all keep the “atmosphere” in the office very light. Dr. Boscia loves poking fun at all of us, but we as a staff have a great time returning the favor. Our patients get in on the fun as well, which makes the dental visit much less stressful and much more enjoyable.

Shots! Yuck! No one wants those, and believe it or not we don’t like having to do them. But, unfortunately they are sometimes a necessary part of dental treatment. However, Dr. Boscia has been blessed with an amazingly soft touch when it comes to giving numbing injections. Many of his injections are delivered with little to no discomfort. Again, he goes very slowly during this process, giving you the time you need and compassion you deserve to keep discomfort minimal.

We are a general dentistry office but we are also very much a Fastbraces® office! Dr. Boscia has a great deal of experience using this orthodontic system and through his hard work, continuing education, and clinical experience Fastbraces® has given him the title “Senior Master Provider”, which means he is among a select group of doctors around the world considered experts in delivering this orthodontic technology. This technology is so amazing that we try to share it with everyone who comes through our office.

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