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Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment with Long-Term Results

If you are self-conscious about your smile because of crooked teeth or need advanced orthodontic treatment to correct your smile, talk to Dr. Matthew Boscia about the Fastbraces® solution, available at his practice near O’Fallon and Wentzville.

Fastbraces® ST. LOUIS, MO

Fastbraces® are the ideal solution for patients that don’t have the time to go through traditional orthodontic procedures and want to correct major or minor imperfections in their smile. This innovative treatment delivers exceptional cosmetic results and may be the perfect orthodontic treatment for you.


Are You a Fastbraces® Candidate?

Fastbraces®can correct both minor and major imperfections in your smile without a long treatment time.If you don’t want to wait years for results or pay the high fees of traditional fixed braces, there are alternatives available. You may be a good Fastbraces® candidate if you:

  • Need to correct gaps between teeth or crooked teeth
  • Are self-conscious about your unattractive smile
  • Do not want to wait years for results
  • Want to experience less discomfort
  • Want an affordable orthodontic treatment

Cameron talks about his Fastbraces®

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Fastbraces® ST. LOUIS, MO

Results from a Fastbraces® Senior Master Provider

Dr. Boscia is among the few dentists in the area certified as a Senior Master Provider for Fastbraces®. He has extensive experience treating patients in need of orthodontic treatment with the Fastbraces® solution and is also a Fastbraces® instructor.

He knows what techniques to use to ensure the best possible result with your treatment plan. Treatment times are measured in days instead of years with some of our cases being finished in as little as 120 days.

Fastbraces® ST. LOUIS, MO

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