Cancer Survivor Glenn Inspires Us With His Full Mouth Reconstruction Story

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After radiation, Glenn’s teeth and gums needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Now, check out his smile!

Glenn Dargie had a 20% chance of survival.

Read about this All-on-4, full mouth reconstruction story below, or watch the video above.

Glenn got the news no one ever wants to receive: He had stage four squamous cell carcinoma. Chances were 1 in 5 that he’d live.

He survived, but forty-six chemo and radiation treatments destroyed Glenn’s bone and teeth. He lost nearly all of his teeth.

Glenn hadn’t been to a dentist in years. He felt trepidation at the mere thought of a dental visit. But after a co-worker recommended he see us at New Creation Dental Care, Glenn decided to schedule an appointment. 

Like Family

Glenn wasn’t sure what to expect, and he told us exactly how he felt about dental visits. We wanted to put him at ease.

It helped! He said we made him feel like it was “no big deal. We got your back — you’re gonna be fine.” (That makes us smile!)

There were no easy answers for his situation. But we explained his options as clearly as we could and cross-checked our ideas with his insurance company. Glenn chose the All-on-4, full-smile restoration.

The All-on-4 solution, also sometimes called All-on-5 or All-on-6, is a dental implant solution that allows us to replace a complete arch with teeth that look and act like — or better than — your natural teeth. 

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Glenn’s All-on-4, Full-Mouth Reconstruction Solution

We had to extract a few remaining teeth. Then we went to work rebuilding Glenn’s damaged gums and bone.

He needed 12 screws in total, six on top, six on the bottom. 

One thing that Glenn loved about the procedure is that he never needed to come in for multiple fittings and adjustments.

Rather than waiting on the teeth being sent back and forth from a lab or on multiple fittings, Glenn received a final fitting shortly after the procedure. 

“To be able to eat anything now, to be able to smile — that’s the big thing, I wouldn’t smile. I would keep my mouth closed when I smiled. But now, look out, everybody!”

Can’t Help But Smile

After talking with Glenn, we were so pleased to hear him say, “There are twelve screws in here, and I don’t feel any of them. The teeth feel like my real ones.” 

When we have patients like Glenn who start with reservations about a dental procedure, we want to do all we can to give them a good experience. To watch his transformation was an absolute pleasure! 

As he left, Glenn told us, “I can’t help but smile!”

“Instead of being treated just like a patient, Dr. Boscia treats you like you’re family. You can tell. The whole staff does it.”

  • Glenn Dargie

Looking For Your Own Success Story?

Glenn’s case is extreme, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your optimal smile. Whether it’s regular cleanings, straighter teeth, or a full mouth reconstruction, we want to help.

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