How Fatigue Can Ruin Your Day

If you’re tired all day, don’t sleep a wink at night due to sleep complications, and are concerned about how it’s affecting your life, you might have a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is a common condition that begins with snoring, and ends up with sleep deprivation. Many people don’t realize they have a snoring problem unless a partner calls it to their attention. However, the complications appear during the day and might look something like this:

-Inability to focus
-Mood swings
-High blood pressure
-Excessive daytime sleepiness

These symptoms are a result of a sleep disorder, and can seriously ruin your day. The fatigue you experience at work and in activities are just the beginning of how it can impact your life.. There’s a host of other consequences if you allow your fatigue to dismantle your daily life:

Brain fog
Memory problems
Heart attack

A solution to your fatigue and to continue in a positive direction with work and relationships is a visit to your sleep professional. Many dental services offer sleep apnea treatments as part of their practice, as dentists understand how sleep disorders can influence other factors in your life, including oral health.

Help Is On The Way

The quality of your rest is an important ingredient in next-day fatigue. To make certain you are attaining proper sleep visit Dr. Boscia. Dr. Boscia’s patients are proof that his sleep apnea evaluation, treatments, and care will help your daytime fatigue. Don’t let it persist and ruin your life! Give Dr. Boscia and his dedicated team the opportunity to transform your sleep disorder into a positive experience for all involved. He’s committed to delivering the highest possible care. Call our office today for a consultation, and kiss that daytime fatigue goodbye!