My Forever Smile

Straight teeth in about a year with the lowest-cost teeth-straightening option on the market*

My Forever Smile technology requires fewer appointments than traditional braces. In most cases, cases complete within 10–15 months (sometimes even less!).

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*Straight teeth in half the time

Less discomfort. Fewer appointments. More effective and less expensive than all other teeth-straightening options.

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What is My Forever Smile?

My Forever Smile is a more efficient and less painful alternative to straight teeth than traditional braces.

This method only uses three wires over the length of treatment, lessening the need for adjustments along with uncomfortable and time-consuming orthodontic visits. In fact, most patients can complete their treatment in approximately 10 appointments!

And fewer visits means a lower cost. 

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FAQS for My Forever Smile


    People of all ages can benefit from My Forever Smile. Adults like My Forever Smile for two reasons. First, they know they’ll only need to wear braces for about a year, and in many cases, even less. Secondly, we find many parents are often unwilling to spend money on themselves, even if they know they need braces. Since the price point is thousands less than traditional braces with in-office payment plans available, adults have a more accessible path to straight teeth.

    Teens like My Forever Smile because they know they won’t have them on as long as their friends with conventional braces. And they won’t experience as much discomfort as their friends, either!

    And remember, this is much more affordable for parents.


    If you’re considering Accelerated Orthodontics, we encourage you to contact us and set up a consultation with our team. We’ll evaluate your mouth and see how this treatment will benefit you. Our goal is to provide you with the most stunning smile in the shortest amount of time possible.

    After we take 3D images and determine what’s causing your teeth to shift, we’ll give you custom My Forever Smile brackets and wires. These devices are specially designed to begin moving your teeth the day they’re placed. They reverse the misalignment of the teeth until they’re completely straight.

    Patients say that My Forever Smile braces cause much less pain than traditional braces, due to the fact that we’ll only need to provide you with three sets of wires instead of constantly rotating them out.


    My Forever Smile is perfect for anyone with crooked teeth, and can be used in nearly any decade of life. Dr. Boscia has successfully treated patients as young as 8 and as old as 80! He utilizes My Forever Smile to treat not only very simple, mild crowding cases but also extremely complex orthopedic, jaw alignment cases.

    If you’re unhappy with your smile and tend to hide it during social situations, you may be a candidate for My Forever Smile. This treatment will transform your teeth using a method that is fast, effective, and customized to you.

    My Forever Smile are great for people who want to boost their confidence and increase their overall quality of life. Fortunately, My Forever Smile are an affordable orthodontic solution, so they’re great for patients who can’t afford long, extensive treatments.

    If your smile has been holding you back from major life events or creating new relationships, My Forever Smile may be the perfect way for you to get your life back on track.


    My Forever Smile has been said to be less painful than traditional braces by our patients. This orthodontic treatment has become highly favored over the years for its ease, comfort, and results.

    Since they deliver results at a much faster rate than traditional braces, patients have more time to enjoy their straight, new smiles.


    My Forever Smile is a great solution for many patients who want to quickly straighten their teeth with a convenient, discrete approach. This orthodontic treatment can address:

    • Gaps
    • Crowding
    • Crooked teeth
    • Underbites
    • Overbites
    • Underbites
    • High canines
    • Crossbites
    • Open bites
    • Spacing issues

    In most cases, NO! New technology utilizing certain fixed or removable orthodontic and orthopedic appliances in conjunction with My Forever Smile now allow us to correct many jaw alignment problems without invasive, expensive jaw surgery. Dr Boscia likes to call this area of orthodontics “Facial Orthopedics,” and has used this technology to successfully treat many patients in under years who would have otherwise undergone jaw surgery and 3-4 years of braces. Facial Orthopedics + My Forever Smile is a game changer!


    Definitely not! My Forever Smile technology moves teeth differently than traditional braces, by moving the roots of the teeth at the beginning of treatment. Rather than removing permanent teeth to create space, My Forever Smile technology allows your jaw to grow more bone and expand to create more space for your smile. In more extreme cases, Dr. Boscia can use orthopedic appliances and expanders in addition to My Forever Smile to make room for all of your teeth.


    Faster results mean fewer appointments, which means a lower cost for My Forever Smile—thousands less than traditional braces. In-office financing is available, and many insurance plans cover at least part of the cost. Learn more about our financing options.

  • Did You Know:
    Traditional braces are NOT the quickest way to straighter teeth

    Here’s why Dr. Boscia and his team don’t recommend traditional braces

    • Traditional braces are inefficient, moving the crown before moving the root.

    • They can require as many as 30 orthodontic visits over two to five years.

    • They’re uncomfortable because they don’t mimic the way teeth naturally move.

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    What is My Forever Smile?

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    • What is My Forever Smile?
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    • What is My Forever Smile?
    • What is My Forever Smile?
    • What is My Forever Smile?
    • What is My Forever Smile?
    • What is My Forever Smile?