Why the Elderly are Avoiding Dental Care

When it comes to looking after their teeth, the over-65-year-old-population face certain barriers that keep them from seeing a dentist. Difficulty maintaining oral health into old age is rapidly becoming a theme for the elderly who have potentially life-threatening diseases. Issues such as pneumonia, diabetes, and heart disease can be detected through a dental exam. So why are the elderly avoiding dental care?

Here’s a number of reasons why a visit to the dentist isn’t at the top of an aging person’s list:

1. Poor general health
2. Anxiety
3. Affordability
4. The Physical aspect of traveling to the dentist

Addressing elderly people’s oral health care is often overlooked, yet very important. As their bodies age, so too do their teeth. Avoidance of any dental care can have a profound impact on other aspects of their lives, not just physically, but emotionally as well. This leaves the question of how to insist the aging population takes good care of their oral health, and whether or not it’s a habit that can be instilled in them as vital.

Oral Health Takes Center Stage

Dental professionals have a key role in raising awareness of elderly people’s oral health needs, especially amongst those in their profession, with their patients, and with other caregivers who can provide extra support. There is no reason why an aging person cannot maintain their natural teeth and gums for their entire lives.

Some elderly people are still affected by dental anxiety from their childhood. Others are more dismissive in their attitudes by feeling as though “we’re going to die anyway, why spend money on oral health care?” Some don’t see the benefits of a maintaining oral health into their old age, citing specifically how appearances no longer matter. It is with these issues that Dr. Boscia has created a personalized approach to all families, and has consistently delivered successful results.

At New Creation Dental Care, Dr. Boscia and his thoughtful, professional team are committed to helping maintain your smile for years to come. No matter the age or level of current oral health, we want to restore your confidence, alleviate your anxieties, and provide all the help you need to gain that perfect smile. Contact us for a thorough examination to get your oral health back on track.